Donor availability is not enough; donor consistency is fundamental. Frontier Biologics Evexcell™ Processing begins with donor sourcing because truly safe and effective regenerative medicine therapies (RMT’s) rely on the health and vitality of the perinatal source from which they are derived.

Donor criteria and safetY

Frontier Biologics Evexcell™ processing begins with donor sourcing. Most regenerative medicine therapy (RMT) providers begin the donor screening process at the time of birth, but we know that truly effective RMT’s are reliant on the health and vitality of the birth tissues from which they are derived, and therefore the health of the donor mother.  We believe a major problem with current RMT’s is donor inconsistency, and that is why one of the key components of our proprietary process is rigorous donor pre-screening.  All Frontier Biologics donors are voluntary, fully consenting birth mothers who agree to donor monitoring beginning in the first trimester of pregnancy.  This screening includes stipulations that must fall within very strict parameters of health before even being considered as a donor. Some key components are:

  • Enrollment in donor process by month 3 of pregnancy with verification of recommended prenatal vitamins, diet and exercise throughout pregnancy.
  • Donor testing for all communicable diseases throughout pregnancy and just before birth. A complete list of our viral testing can be found here (click link to testing list)
  • In person interviewing to narrow medical and social criteria for donor inclusion. All donor criteria are reviewed and accepted by our current licensed and registered medical director.
  • Only Cesarean Section Births can be considered for donation.
  • Birth mothers that have been vaccinated for SARS COVID-19 are excluded from donation.
  • Abortive and/or fetal tissues are NEVER accepted for processing or research