Our mission is to provide revolutionary and superior regenerative products, improving quality of life and reducing recovery time through an ethical and innovative process from start to finish.

Allograft Matrix

Allograft Matrix

Used as a protective covering in several different clinical applications, it forms a protective barrier over wounded area, but still allows for oxygen transfers to assist in the wound healing...

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Purified Amniotic Fluid Allograft

Purified Amniotic

Purified Amniotic Fluid Allograft is a non-structural less than minimally manipulated liquid allograft that contains key nutrients to assist the body's natural ability to heal.

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Ambient Allograft

Ambient Allograft

This ambient trophic factor fluid has been manufactured through our proprietary and ethical process, assisting clinicians by catalyzing bone regeneration and remodeling...

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Regenerative Cream

Bio Cream

Derived from perinatal biologic tissue, this topical trophic factor BioCream has been manufactured using our proprietary and ethical process. Frontier BioCream helps promote site-specific, anti-aging collagen growth...

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About Frontier Biologics

Frontier Biologics was founded in 2020 as a perinatal regenerative cell derivative provider. We are located in the heart of Texas, Waco and easily accessible to most major cities in the state. Through our cutting-edge biotechnology we have developed multifaceted products that can be used to catalyze the healing process in a variety of ways. Our passions include a constant desire to advance regenerative medicine in all areas, a mission to improve quality of life for all humans, and the ongoing research of our patented products that provide superior alternatives to more invasive therapies.

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Why Frontier?

Our vision is the unyielding pursuit of advancement in biotechnology to naturally restore the human body to optimal health.

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Our Process

Process 01


This process begins with a rigorous prescreening of our voluntary and fully consenting birth mothers. This screening includes stipulations that must fall within very strict parameters of health before even being considered as a donor. Some of these key components are:

  • • Birth mother is tested for all communicable diseases throughout pregnancy and just before birth
  • • Pre-processing microbial testing
  • • In-person interview narrowing down medical and social criteria for inclusion into the donation process
Process 02


One of the key factors to our proprietary process is our sourcing. All the materials are provided to us contractually from independent and FDA registered facilities in the United States. Key components are as follows:

  • • Cesarean Section births only; sourced in a protected surgical theatre assuring utmost sterility
  • • NO abortive or fetal tissue
  • • ONLY the umbilical cord and placenta are used for research and production of product
  • • Transferred to us in a validated cooler to hold temp for 72 hours
  • Process 03


    Following prescreening and sourcing, the raw material is shipped to Frontier Biologics within 24 hours of birth.

    • • Placental tissue arrives with umbilical cord attached
    • • Cord and amniotic membrane placed in media to mimic homeostasis in womb
    • • No heat load association in any step of our proprietary process
    • • Production occurs beginning to end in an ISO Class 5 - Class 100 controlled environment
    • • Cryopreserved grafts are stored at -80°c or greater
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