Frontier Biologics takes its name from our mission to provide a new frontier of regenerative medicine therapies (RMT’s) through cutting edge clinical advancements, partnerships with other advancing biotechnology companies, and an unyielding pursuit of safe, efficacious, and regulatory compliant biologic products.
Frontier Biologics

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Frontier Biologics was founded in 2020 as a regenerative medicine therapy (RMT) provider. Our vision is the unyielding pursuit of advancement and innovation in biotechnology through partnerships with other industry leaders and the development of novel regenerative biologics.

Our focus is and will always be safety, efficacy, and regulatory compliance. With our initial IND submission scheduled for Q1 2023, we will be taking focus on IND indications that will improve the face of regenerative medicine and the lives of people worldwide.

Located in Waco, the heart of Texas, we have invested in our vision through our flagship research and production laboratory built to exceed the current standard of regenerative medicine – to break frontiers:

  • Our 31,000 sq. ft facility currently houses four (4) ISO 5, Class 100 clean rooms with restricted entry to production area
  • Pharmacology grade laboratory is FDA registered, cGMP, and operates at or above stringent FDA/AATB standards
  • Custom HEPA filtration quantifiably measured to show as built and at rest OPPM on non-viable in room particle testing machines
  • 24/7/365 temperature monitoring with temperature excursion notification
  • Nine (9) medical grade freezers and refrigerators with automatic on-site generator back up